Opening up to life and intimacy

fear-of-intimacyI finally cracked and decided to really experience life. Meet people, create friendships, date and get out of the bubble of my spirituality.

If I can be blissful, I can also go out and experience real life and real human connections without my old preconceptions or fear of intimacy. Without being needy and realizing my happiness isn’t an outside job.

What is spirituality if I am going to run away from facing myself and my soul? I can’t hide away in my blissfulness to avoid heartbreak, avoid normal daily interactions and challenges.

I am going out and full with wisdom and compassion opening up my horizons for authentic experiences. It doesn’t matter how long they last. It will matter that if at all they don’t last, I will be grateful and cherish the choices I made. I will make choices that leave me fulfilled.  Choices that always reinforce my divinity and boundaries. Create memories that make my heart burst open with joy. Learn to communicate better and allow the spontaneous to be spontaneous. See others as they want to be seen. Accept them without trying to change who they are. Remain grounded and positive always.

I have made more friendships this year than anytime in my life. In the coming few months, I will say yes to every date at least once, I will not judge people for whatever choices they make, I will dress good and will give myself to the real raw living.

I will honor my hurt but never react to it. I will wait longer for life to unfold. I will give love and compassion regardless of whether it’s given back or not.

images (1).jpeg

I will not fear intimacy and connections. I will build up courage to open up, share oneself with others. Giving and recieving without expectations is a healing process.

What could possibly go wrong? Nobody is getting out of life alive anyways..



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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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