MGTOW is a blessing in disguise!



I was perusing over the internet and from afar I could see how healing in men is taking place. Yes, I am a woman human and I fully dig how men are in the process of self-actualization and self-improvement.  Even though it looks pretty grim for many men a lot more men are starting to get out of the anger phase which is absolutely important and necessary.

Deprogramming the old ways through which men have become victims of their manhood, victims of society and have a long the way left a trail of victims is not an easy process but it’s worth it. I dig men going their own way so much because I have personally felt burdened by womanhood as it left me to identify more as one thing and left me unable of see the possibilities of my existence beyond oppression and victimhood.

Let me tell you how finding your way back to self is difficult. When I see MGTOW men get mad and angry, I  know the pot is boiling. I know things are shaken and it’s the most scary part to suddenly realize what they told you about  manhood isn’t true and the burdens, pain( when I typed pain my auto wrote penis, how timely🤣)priviledges and entitlement were but shallow graves that do not give validation or peace. To be on the constant chase for female or male validation is exhausting and difficult.

Desexualization is also not easy.  How we view ourselves in relations to our souls growth rather than what society says we should be is the way to go. We have totally lost respect and self worth for persuits that leave us empty and sad. To be seen, validated and wanted comes at a price even for men more so than they actually want to admit. Of course refusing to marry is absolutely a personal choice that’s also ok. We didn’t come to earth to engage in entanglements that don’t bring joy and a woman who has reached her truth totally understands and respects personal journeys of every individual. Whatever reality you are experiencing is exactly as it should be.  Eventually if union is a desire, brave and sharpened partners will reunite.

How wonderful the healing is even though it looks like a horrible mess is insightful. Every healing is messy and frustrating. To see men wanting to find themselves beyond women, money,  sex and power riddled  with hatred and anger is to say the least appalling but absolutely worth it.


I hope and pray we all redefine ourselves in ways that give us joy and peace. Just so you know every emotion involved in the process is valid and we who have glimpsed the other side understand the struggle and patience needed. We gotta burn our karma too in the process and heal our pain. Many hurt people hurt others. Understanding that every emotion or energy we give is not intended for the assumed reciever but intended for us will perharps help us understand how energy we give effects our life experiences.  Anyone caught up in that mess is going to have to learn how to heal and forgive themselves.

We as men and women have hurt each other terribly. May the grace we deserve accept our healing and redefine love  and life beyond what we know….


Find your truth and live by it!!

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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

One thought on “MGTOW is a blessing in disguise!

  1. Its great to hear from a woman who sees this in a positive perspective. I am a Kenyan male, though not MGTOW, I can say I am red-pilled. The latter is more of an awareness, the former is more of a movement. I respect MGTOW men and their choices and wish that more people (both men and women) take such steps to make better their lives instead of sinking to the norm that society sets for everyone. I like what you’ve done. Ill read more of your work. Thanks for your thoughts and contributions.


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