Examining our contribution to suffering and pain.




It is easier to feel victimized than to confront ways through which we cause pain and suffering to ourselves and others. At least for someone aware of themselves, there comes a long with self-awareness a level of responsibility.

The law of cause and effect as stipulated by the hermetic principles doesn’t take into consideration ignorance,  intention or even justification. When it comes to our own self-examination and being part of the whole, our actions sometimes cause pain and suffering not only to ourselves but others. Even when we don’t come into direct contact with others, whatever we say or do has consequences of which are directed at us as well as to others.

Most of the time we think our words, actions and perceptions effect the people its directed towards but in truth it’s our own burdens, shame, guilt, perceptions we project which weighs us down. If I for example think someone should feel shame or guilt, it’s clearly how I think and understand shame and guilt. Despite the validity of our feelings directed to others, everything only plays itself within us and towards us. It takes a while to understand that.

It is therefore better to strive for purity of thought towards the self and others despite the validity and justification we feel. It’s not easy but we can always try to and  whenever we can’t we can let it to die down because after all the things that seem a matter of life and death today might mean absolutely nothing a year from now. Is there any validity thereafter for such trivial matters of which we might never remember? I doubt it.

Of course there is little one can do but if our intention is to always act with integrity and compassion, be aware of our actions and emotions, try to always act with kindness then perhaps we are doing it right.

One can at least hope.


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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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