Embracing the seasons of life.



We have a tendency to be so upset and deeply thrown out of balance by events we deem negative and difficult. Rightly so. It’s not easy.

However we must cultivate enough emotional intelligence when dealing with difficult processes in life. Again I understand how difficult it is and perharps I am the last person to talk. I fail here many times.

Accepting things we can’t control is difficult yet it is a matter of feeling the emotions as they show up and honoring them. Difficult emotions are so unsettling and scary yet an integral part of our wholeness. At times the feelings are so overwhelming and disempowering.

I am trying to learn how to cope with those emotions. And respecting the gift the cycles bring into my life. Having no urgency to react to the emotions and situations is part of embracing the seasons of life. The urgency to act now is almost always too strong when the most logical thing to do is to sit with the emotions for a while, cry if need be, do something physical and active and allow time to sort things out. For sure it will.

Things will not always be as expected.  But for sure nothing stays the same longer than it should. An attitude of allowing the sponteneous to be sponteneous around you with the understanding that every cycle is like a wheel which keeps turning and changing like seasons is superb. That alone is comfort enough.

Understanding that you sit at the center of the situation at hand and it’s about you and not another will clear your of feelings of anger towards others and forge forgiveness.

At times surrendering ourselves completely to the unknown and intentionally cultivating positivity goes a long way. Giving up the urge to fight and struggle towards relieving your discomfort might just give you a new insight if you allow it.


Remember at the end of it nothing is really real enough to kick you down and never be able get up. You give meaning and power to things, people and situations. Nothing or nobody has that much power over you.


It’s  just a cycle baby!


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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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