Shifting belief systems towards soul expansion.


belief systems

Whether we recognize it or not our souls expands as we navigate through life. As we grow, experience life, take in our own versions of identity, we expand.

Shifting belief systems is something we don’t do. It happens. We become wiser if we choose to appreciate it,  if we take more risks, if we handle painful emotions and experiences with acceptance, if we surrender to the flow and beat of the heart which is life itself.

A shift takes a lot and we are probably going to experience shifts throughout our lives. When we are born into our families, our cultures, that particular period of time we learn to view life with the eyes of others.  We get too engrossed in the expressions of the physical world. We try to fit and blend, we follow group think and our society’s beliefs define who we are. We learn to separate them from us. We falsely acquire identities and false perceptions.

We are perhaps above all lured into the idea of staying as happy as we possibly can, as wealthy as we possibly could be, we want to be seen and be accepted and happiness becomes the one thing that breaks or builds our version of reality.

But happiness is illusive therefore we indulge in other things with the hope we will be happier and probably hope we escape soul expansion.

We are always on the lookout for new love, better bodies, more money, popularity and other useless distractions.



Then out of nowhere we are hit with existential depression and the dark knight of the soul. Suddenly nothing makes sense nor does anything seem so important after all. That’s where soul expansion begins.

It’s telling you to rethink what you believe. It takes you towards loss and shifts. Expansion brings to you exactly what you need to start viewing and living life as it was intended: Here and now with compassion and Joy. Justice for earth and earthlings, understanding and acceptance of others, sharing and togetherness, healing and thriving.

For the soul to expand we have to let go of fear of loss. Be it fear of  loss of life, fear of love, fear of letting go of control, fear of trials and anything that makes one want to hide.

We are all here to heal and to observe. If we are here there is always work to be done. Soul expansion will happen whether you welcome it or not.

It will hit you where your attachments lie. It will find your desires and destroy them. It will force you to face your fears. It will take you towards your pain and eventually healing.  Otherwise every time you run, life will hit you with the same experiences until you scream.

Whatever we build up will be shredded to pieces. Our belief systems about love, sex/sexuality and marriage is perhaps so obviously the one shifting in our times. The shift is not just about how we relate to those issues but also how they help us expand our souls.

Love is construed to be the place to recieve, to thrive, to be vulnerable, to be accepted, to be wanted, to feel alive, to give meaning to existence. Without of which we feel lost, unwanted, depressed, lonely and worthless.

Regardless of how we view love and marriage soul expansion will create by itself a foundation that vigorously shakes how we see and view love and life in general.

Our partners will cheat, they will leave or die, they will get bored, they will find another lover or hobby, they will fall out of love or whatever needs to be healed by the fall of love. We draw to us relationships and people that need to trigger our points of healing.

We believe love has to be a lifetime affair or we will have failed.  We believe love is predominantly about fighting all odds, giving up life itself, changing ourselves to suit the other and working tirelessly to make the other happier.  All this is attached to fear of losing love.

Love is fearless.

It doesn’t matter because soul expansion will change your views anyways. For most people when this happens they tend to move towards fear of loving ever again, paranoia, bitterness, rejection, acute self-critisism, anger towards self, other and society, depression and illness among others.


There is no need for alarm. That’s exactly how the soul expands and if you are completely tired of the cycle you will break it and allow the soul to do it’s work.

Love is kind. It’s free. Love is a gift that should be accepted with gratitude. And further more should lead us towards the heart. We have to nurture love by giving it to everyone, letting it flow freely and when it’s withdrawn we can mourn  the loss but we can also accept and be grateful for it.

Any idea we build , desires we create,  rules we follow are going to crumble.

I think the goal is to go through life without indulging too deeply in the matrix and forgetting who we really are. Perhaps the goal is to let go of every belief and flow through life. Perhaps the true meaning lies within rather than without.  Perhaps two or ten years from now nothing will matter and we shouldn’t have let it destroy us and driven us further away.


Perhaps we should have shifted for the expansion.


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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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