Cutting energetic codes and inviting bliss



As a Libra woman, I am all for justice. I want to treat others fairly and expect the same of them. It is said we are indicisive. I will have to disagree. We might take a while to come to that place because we are afraid of confrontations but once we are at peace with ourselves, we make decisions once and for all. Pretty quickly l must say.

Stiring the pot isn’t our thing.

As a Libra empath, I tend to think everyone means well until they disapprove themselves. Let’s say I have been quite naive. But as a 36 year old mother of a teenage daughter, I am relearning to see people as they actually are. I am learning to observe and listen instead of assuming everyone has a lovely bone inside of them and everyone means well. Even spiritual people who probably exude grace fall very far from it. There is no judgement however. Deep within us we are one. We are love.

I tend to create strong energetic ties which usually take a while to severe. These rare energy ties are usually very strong and passionate that I do not give myself a chance to be objective. Well I did the time( pats myself on the back)

The lesson I learnt this year and the past, is to protect my energy, be objective and real, see the world and people as they  clearly are then make necessary informed choices in matters of friendships, love, parenting, health, sex and more!

Energetic ties we have with certain people can be so overwhelmingly strong but they necessarily do not mean we have to act them out. I am learning to let them flow freely through my body, enjoy the bliss and allow myself to feel, test or heal whatever is brought up to the surface. There is always something needing healing or humbling.

I am love after all. I am capable of loving everyone and everything. And love is bliss not painful. Love is not attachment, fearful, violent, impatience and alot of the time love is letting go, cutting the codes and inviting peace to take over.

Letting go is hard because we are still holding on to our old ideas. A radical paradigm shift is a long process of surrender with everything in between. It’s not about giving up. It’s about letting go with as little resistance as possible.

There are codes that must be cut lose. They make you unhappy, unfulfilled, they invite drama and chaos, they shift your vibrations and energy, they open you up to sickness and depression, they hurt and they destroy.


You can choose to either do this gracefully or allow the divine to force you through it. The universe will bring to your doorstep the same experience until you can face it and win it. If you are wise, you would choose to do it now by yourself and when it is too much you can rest as if floating in the sea. Just lie there and breath.

You can rest. You can close all the doors and stay in the dark for a while. You can cut any ties that are weak and diseased. You can invite love and bliss to take over. The divine mother is always ready at the slightest invitation.


You are loved. Even you. I love you!  magazine-unlock-05-2.3.962-_b78dd21b72154a44aaac7f163704b81c





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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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