Be lazy. Just be lazy!




Every time you compete against time, you compete against yourself. Take a deep breath because no matter what, next year a time like this, you won’t remember what it was all about. Things can seem momentarily so important that we can’t even imagine breathing.

And if you ever do, if you ever remember, you want to laugh out loud, shake your head and pat yourself on the back because you survived. If you ever remember.

It’s easier to recall even slightly bad moments than very pleasurable ones. Our minds are wired like that. Therefore it’s important to start cultivating our intuition so that we can choose our reality and experiences.

Intuitively we are all capable of listening, waiting and it’s ok to take a lazy approach to life and situations. Trust me.

Wait it out.

It seems like the hardest thing to do since we love to feel we are in control and love pushing things towards how we want them to go.  We want it now. Not tomorrow but today. Right this moment! In truth nothing really is yours to direct. Many life situations that happened to you were never up to you. You had nothing to do with many things concerning your life. Life chooses us. If we choose what stories we want to experience.

And you don’t have to feel bad about that. I insist on listening to my intuition by giving myself silent moments often.  Every opportunity is for me to breath and put a stop to everything including my mind and the never ending train of thought.


Recently that came in pretty handy. I avoided a bomb. A bomb that fortunately I can smell from a mile. That bomb has hit me before. My memory and my intuition put me on check.

If you ever meet a narcissistic person it’s entirely up to you to observe keenly the signs and symptoms. If you don’t you will be swallowed. And you wont know what hit you.

Being lazy in life’s matters seems like an extreme way to live. I assure you laziness is a virtue we all need to embrace. Just allow life to lead you there, lazily. You never really have to do anything except be lazy. Aha


Waiting out is the most amazing skill  one can learn even when it comes to dealing with emotions, disagreements, conflicts and even happier situations like friendships and love. This might seem like the only lifetime you have but in reality you are eternal. You have forever. There is no hurry. You can wait.


You can wait for everything to unfold at it’s own pace. You can wait for someone to finish that sentence. You can wait in line. You can wait for that call. You can wait for that conflict to simmer. You can wait for that feeling to die or to grow .

You can always wait albeit lazily.

If the time is right, the place is right, the person is right then the universe will conspire to do it’s job for you. You never have to struggle, live in anxiety, fight over morsels, get blisters and bruises. You need not do anything.

When heavens deem it appropriate, it’s yours for the taking.


Be extremely lazy.

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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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