Men are not hunters.


Ahosi-or-Mino-Dahomey-AmazonsIf I could write about how much I have heard men insisting on being hunters in this lifetime and how many times men say this without any thoughtful reflection at all and with so much conviction, I would write a very thick book.


Hunters treat prey with little regard because they are either food or trophy. Men might not eat us but they sure enjoy subjecting us to damn vicious chases, games and killings. Among many animals most females hunt. But among humans men always insist on being hunters. Men believe in hunting and the invasion of women. Men believe unless they take us, we have nowhere else to be. Men believe unless they have us, we don’t belong to ourselves.

Men refuse to respect our own human qualities. They want to hunt us because prey doesn’t get to decide when a claw digs in their necks. Men are hunters even in this day and era is a problematic rhetoric. A rhetoric that’s dangerous and evil. Subjecting us to dehumanisation just because they keep telling themselves we are prey. Something to be brutally conquered. To be won. Without our consent or dignity.
This conquest has ended in our deaths, our heads lying in many graveyards. This conquest has ended in our limbs being maimed. This conquest has ended in many of us being in cages. This conquest has left us hapless. This conquest has stripped us of our humanity. This conquest has made us afraid, subdued and lost. This conquest has taken us to far away strange lands within our own homes.

Men insisting they are hunters have burnt down all walls and boundaries to our bodies, our choices, our lives and our souls. You have turned us into slaves, right here. Right at home. You think we are animals. You want to skin us alive and leave the bones for the hyenas.
Men justifying they are hunters, doesn’t give them any room to act with humanity to our urgency. Our urgency doesn’t matter as long as we lay bleeding as spoils. Men play games. Games are the thrill of hunting. The trophy is not worthwhile unless the chase is. Games are hunters’ tools. They set traps, dig holes just that prey can fall right into them. Emotional and spiritual essence is lost to hunters and so to men.

Hunters gives no attention to the fear and adrenaline rush of the prey. Men do not care if women drop right into the trap. In hunting quick kills are rare. Pain and suffering rules.
Hunters push prey to unfamiliar territory. There is almost always no time to react.

Dissapointed hunters return filled with much more anger, scathing brutality, better traps, more guns and more drive. Dissapointed men kill. Dissapointed men never stop. Dissapointed men don’t know consent and dissapointed men are dangerous.

Men are dangerous.

The Dahomey warriors of of West Africa were 3,000 strong and powerful women. Nobody knows why or how they were recruited.
“One theory traces their origins to teams of female hunters known as gbeto, and certainly Dahomey was noted for its women hunters; a French naval surgeon named Repin reported in the 1850s that a group of 20 gbeto had attacked a herd of 40 elephants, killing three at the cost of several hunters gored and trampled. A Dahomean tradition relates that when King Gezo (1818-58) praised their courage, the gbeto cockily replied that “a nice manhunt would suit them even better,”
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Studio-Briana-African-Tribal-Women-Hunter-Wall-Dcor-Decal-23X40-Inches-Black-0-0To be a woman is to understand the threats around us. To shed naivety and start encompassing a sophiscation and skills that would keep hunters away. We must take our arrows and bows ready to defend ourselves. It requires acquisition of warrior skills to survive. It requires a healthy suspicion. It requires you to stand up for you and to band with other women. It requires us to create our own territories and defend them with our blood. It requires us to watch. Watch when the sun goes down. It requires us to choose us and not them. It requires us to choose our children. It requires us to recreate our own strength.

It requires us to stop running and stand ground. We will hunt the hunters. Put them in their own cages and feed them to the dogs. We will fight back.


Men have never been hunters.






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I am a Kenyan woman who enjoys writing and vlogging about the Kenyan feminist issues while fusing dreams into stories related to the kenyan culture.

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